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Mark Ollivier
Sales & Design Manager, Home Trimwork

I don't usually leave testimonials, but the performance of this product has me typing this one!

I have been in the remodeling business for 30 years now and have come across the need to remove old silicone many times. Until finding this product, removing old silicone caulk was always a long tedious process.  I recently purchased a 14 yr old RV / Toy Hauler and started doing some upgrades. Part of this included having to remove the exterior corner moldings where the previous owner had attempted to seal them up with SILICONE. I was NOT looking forward to this task as there was approx 80 lf of SILICONE bead to remove. Not to mention the bead was smeared on with a finger making it paper thin on the outer edges which is the hardest to remove. It's also important to mention that this was on painted aluminum RV siding and I was concerned about damaging old paint.

I started on one corner and it took me an entire day to clean up one corner(16 lf)  to the point where I could install new product. The new product WILL NOT stick to silicone so I had to get every spec of silicone removed. This prompted my search for a solution.

Fortunately I found RE-MOV and I cant tell you how pleased I am with it's performance!! The same exact task that took an entire day now took one hour with FAR BETTER RESULTS.  The product did harm the oxidized paint on the siding in any way at all and made the silicone removal actually enjoyable.

Mind you, it still requires some effort to work the product into and under the silicone to break it's bond, but once its in, the silicone simply wipes / peals right off the surface! 

I have since used RE-MOV to remove old stickers and labels that had been in place for 14 years on various surfaces and it has worked flawlessly. Again, without damaging the surfaces. I HIGHLY recommend this product for anyone looking to remove any type of Silicone / Adhesive based product.



Ed Hodges
President, Glass Doctor of the North Bay

Thank you for creating a product that does what is says it is going to do.

I first heard of your Re-Mov product at the Glass Doctor Convention.  After having talked to your representatives (including the inventor of the product), we decided to give it a try. We purchased a case of the quart bottles.  When I returned from the Convention I talked to my crews about this material.  I must say, that the reception that I received from my crew was less than enthusiastic.

However, that changed once they actually received the product.  The first job they tried it on was a flat glass job for a good customer with some very stubborn windows.  The Re-Mov cut through the adhesive like it was not there, which allowed the cut out knife to make quick work out of the job. Needless to say you have created a monster.  Now my glazier won’t go anywhere without his stash of Re-Mov.

We have just ordered some more of the product and you need to know that you have a customer for life with us.



Jim Hester

I recently had new windows installed in our house and the installer dropped some silicone caulk on the carpet. He then accidently stepped on it and crushed it into the carpet. It had dried before I was able to try to remove it. I tried several products to no avail. I was desperate so did research on the internet and located Re-Mov.  I was able to secure a bottle of Re-Mov, used it according to directions and in just a few minutes I was able to just pull it off the carpet and no damage to the carpet. When it dried you could not tell there had been a problem. This is a great product that does what it claims to do and well. If I owned a company that used caulking in any way Re-Mov is a product that I would always want to have on hand. Again, let me say "WOW, Re-Mov is a miracle".



Dusty Titus
Oil Field Mechanic, Berry Compression

Great Product! I chipped out my old ceramic tile and scraped on the floor for about 45 minutes, with very little success,  the glue was not coming up.I called a painter friend of mine and he said "stop what your doing I'll be right over". He came with an 8oz botltle of RE-MOV  silicone/adhesive remover and squirted it out all over the glue on about a 4 x8  concrete area. We chated for a moment and he took off with the floor scraper and within six or seven minutes the glue was removed!!  Thanks for making it easy.I am taking this stuff to work for silicone that is used for gaskets!


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